Commit 64f3ef14 authored by jozsef imrek's avatar jozsef imrek Committed by Javier D. Garcia Lasheras

This commit closes #1275

parent 55ca10ae
......@@ -180,10 +180,11 @@ mrproper:
def __emit_files(self):
from hdlmake.srcfile import VHDLFile, VerilogFile, SignalTapFile, SDCFile, QIPFile, DPFFile
tmp = "set_global_assignment -name {0} {1}"
tmplib = tmp + " -library {2}"
ret = []
for f in self.files:
if isinstance(f, VHDLFile):
line = tmp.format("VHDL_FILE", f.rel_path())
line = tmplib.format("VHDL_FILE", f.rel_path(), f.library)
elif isinstance(f, VerilogFile):
line = tmp.format("VERILOG_FILE", f.rel_path())
elif isinstance(f, SignalTapFile):
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