Industrial Automation driven by Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

GL Research develops industrial grade computer vision and artificial intelligence technology and provides a flexible portfolio of solutions and services that are helping customers worldwide to automate the most complex manufacturing and quality control tasks.

Evolvable Technology

GL Research borns from a private research initiative in micro and nano electronics that has taken place in Navarra for more than 15 years and with the main goal of creating information processing systems that replicate and augment the human brain capabilities in an efficient and secure way to be able of performing the most demanding manufacturing and quality control tasks.

By taking advantage of this research and in collaboration with Xilinx, the world leading provider of All Programmable FPGA, System-on-Chip and 3D Integrated Circuit, we are able to integrate computer vision and artificial intelligence in a single totally reconfigurable microchip that allows us to deploy industrial automation systems that feature the fastest response time and evolve to adapt to a ever changing environment.


more images/second/Watt for Machine Learning


more frames/second/Watt for Computer Vision


processing latency for the fastest Response Time

Open-Source Solutions

For a better transference of our technology to the market, we collaborate with some of the most important commercial companies and research institutions of the world in Open-Source initiatives with an strategic interest for the Industry 4.0, which allows us to offer a wide range of optimized application specific solutions that are ready for immediate deployment.

Collaborative Robotics


As a ROS Industrial Consortium associate member, we are able to provide senses and intelligence to any kind of robotic units, including new machine developments and commercial systems from the main providers.

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Real-Time Sensor Fusion


As an oficial supplier of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, we are able to synchronize and process in real time the information generated by a network composed by thousands of sensors

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Internet of Things


As a Yocto Project Participant, we are able to deploy intelligent systems connected to the internet and to keep them updated over the field to face the latest cybersecurity threats.

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Business Services


By taking advantage of the supply chain from our commercial partner Avnet, one of the largest providers in the world of electronic components and embedded systems, we are able to provide and maintain along the time the computer vision and artificial intelligence technology our customers needs no matter the required production volume.

For Humans

Flexible consulting and training on the technical skills and Open-Source solutions covered by our core competences.

For Machines

Design and production of custom Software and Harware electronic products that are used by our customers to control the machines they manufacture.

For Factories

Turn-key project development and robotic system integration to allow creating more efficient and secure industrial facilities.